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The BOOrito Limited-Special


Get ready for a scare with this Ghost pepper & Habanero chili based wet burrito. 🔥💥🔥


Bring in the season of fright – with our new limited-time specialty item… The BOOrito! It’s Very Spicy!

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cilantro mexican grill north hollywood restaurant

Cilantro Mexican grill

Watch Above – Take a little trip to … Cilantro!

Cilantro Mexican’s all about local & fresh. See why we were rated Best North Hollywood Burrito. Learn more about the Best Mexican food in North Hollywood.

Also rated #3 on CBS’s L.A’s BEST Tasting Cheap Meals List!

FREE SAMPLE for 1st -Time Customers!

100% FRESH

Nothing is used from frozen or pre-made goods. Only using locally sourced fresh ingredients for the most zesty & authentic Mexican food experience.


Award winning local chef, well reviewed with good standing in community, providing customer satisfaction with every service.


CMG is a family business, it is our please to welcome the community that enjoys our handcrafted delights into our family. Bienvenido y disfruta (Welcome & Enjoy 😋)!

Never been? Welcome to the Best Mexican Food Near Me in North Hollywood!
Featuring Plates

Although located at a gas station, our restaurant has been considered one of the best Mexican food restaurants in North Hollywood because of our head chef.

Learn more about why people describe Cilantro Grill as the Best Mexican Food Near Me.


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FREE Samples for 1st Timers
Mention it’s your first time (in person*) and we will treat you to a flavorful experience!
Welcome to the Cilantro Mexican Grill
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